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Conversion optimization done right

By Vlad Zinculescu on 28 May 2020 and customer high five
Product: Search Results page
Role: Project Lead & UX Designer


Help customers find the right property for their trip from the Search Results page. Small changes shipped through A/B tests are not solving the more significant issues of the page. How can we roll out an extensive redesign and still understand each change's value?


Back then, had a very efficient formula to growing the business: small step optimizations via A/B tests. If net conversion went up, the tested feature was deemed valuable. Otherwise, it was dropped. And we were discouraged from embarking on long-term projects. Instead, we should tweak the UI get things done.

During my first months in the Search Result team, I ran A/B tests, interviewed users, read research reports, and exchanged knowledge with other teams. Soon I started to feel the frustration of restricting ourselves from thinking big and strategic. I decided to challenge the status quo, and this is the process that followed.



Case study

Not available on mobile. The case study is built in Figma and designed to be viewed on a tablet or larger screens. Sorry :(

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